4 digit combination lock to protect your personal belongings

- Jul 04, 2019-

The people's demands for health are upgraded gradually as social progress, economic development and the improvement of people's living standard. In Xiamen, many sports fans choose the gym to exercise because the outdoor fitness equipment can't meet the fitness needs of many people. Gym has become popular, and the locker has become a standard epuipment in the gym. The 4 digit combination lock guarantees the security of your personal belongings.


There is a joke on the internet: Beauty is the same, and the fun soul is one in a million. But it's not easy to look good. A good-looking person, In addition to the ingenuity of the creator, a great deal of that comes from self-discipline, especially the management of body. People who often go to the gym don't look bad, because fitness not only improves the figure, but also improves energy and temperament. In this age of  paying attention to appearance, going to the gym has become the choice of many urban people.

The first step after arriving at the gym is to put on sportswear, pick yourself up like a fitness expert, then take a picture and post it to your SNS. Do you worry about the security of items in your locker when you are exercising? The 4 digit combination lock MK707-2 is suitable for using in the public area such as gym, swimming pool, school and so on. It has high security with the four passwords and there are 10,000 key combinations from 0000 to 9999. It takes at least 5000 attempts to decipher. Besides, the lock core is made of high quality copper and zinc alloy, which is anti-corrosion. Therefore, under the protection of this lock, you don't need to worry about your belogings when you are exercising.


The 4 digit combination lock MK707-2 is finished by powder coating, which make it feels delicate. Not only the appearance is exquisite, but also with the master key system. If your brain "freezes" after exercising, and you forget the password of the locker lock, you can consult the gym administrator to open the lock with the management key, or use the probe to retrieve the password quickly. The 4 digit combination lock will protected your personal belongings to the end.

Tips: take a photo and post it to your SNS before exercise. After sweaty exercise, or you'll look a little bit "embarrassed". If you would like to get more detailed information about the 4 digit combination lock MK707-2, please call 86-592 6363716 or leave a message on the website.