Advantages of electronic locks

- Oct 08, 2018-

1. Convenience. It has an automatic induction locking system. When the door is closed, the system will automatically lock. It can open the door lock through the fingerprint touch screen and card.

2. Security. Panasonic electronic lock has a virtual password function. In front of or behind the registered password, you can enter any number as a dummy password to prevent the registration password from leaking.

3. Security. It is different from the previous unlocking method of turning on and scanning again. The scanning method is very simple. You can put your finger above or below the scanning position. The scanning method reduces fingerprint residue and reduces the possibility of copying.

4. Creativity. Panasonic electronic locks are designed to suit people's tastes, and smart locks like apples don't like it.

5. Interactivity. With remote control and active reporting of the day's visitors.