An introduction of sauna lock

- Aug 20, 2019-

Nowadays, technological products are being upgraded, and all kinds of new R&D products are facing cost-effective competition as well as entering the market. What are the highlights of sauna locks while bringing about a new look of locks market? So let us further introduce the functions and characteristics of sauna locks for customers.


  1. It can be set up according to customer's needs. With three-level management system to provide more high-quality services.

  2. Sauna lock has alarm function. If the voltage is too low, the door lock will automatically alarm when opening the door, so that customers can change batteries in time to bring more convenience to users.

  3.  It can be used in environments of temperature from -15℃ to 65℃, humidity from 5% to 95%.

  4. Two colors of LED lights show different states, to better prompt the user whether the door is closed or not.

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