Build a strong brand of locks

- Oct 17, 2019-

Locks are closely related to our life. It is related to the safety of every family, unit and public place. With the rapid development of economy, a variety of lock products with different styles, materials, structures and functions emerge in an endless stream. With the rapid development of key industries such as residence, office building and hotel in China, the demand for high preventive locks is increasing day by day, and the lock market has broad prospects.



After years of reform and opening up, the scale of China's lock industry has grown steadily, and the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry has been improved. The market has broad prospects and like an attractive "big cake." So how do companies stand out from the crowd?


Excellent product + good service

Products and services to enterprises, just as the body to people, are the foundation of survival. However, it is not enough to have a body, and a healthy and powerful body can create more value for society. MAKE has never stopped trying to improve the quality of its products and services. MAKE gained ISO9000 certificate from SGS since 2007. Then ISO9000 terms have been carried out strictly in every production process from IQC to final inspection before packing., which strongly supports the excellent quality of every product that reaches the customer. At the same time, MAKE integrates “R&D, production, sales and service”, and customers can enjoy one-stop service here.


Great enterprise culture

For the vigorous body with the noble soul, MAKE has been working hard. “Satisfied Customer & Happy Staff” is MAKE’s tenet. MAKE has set up dormitory, canteen, gym, library and other facilities for our staffs, making them feel at home in MAKE. Besides, there are different activities, like running race, basketball match, ping-pong race, to enrich their life. And special funds for upper education, parents’ pension have been set up. Make has been continuously awarded as “ Five-start Home for Workers” for 5 years. Over the past 15 years, MAKE has adhered to its mission “provide security solution for industrial & commercial Application” and has committed to its vision “To be the front runner of industrial & commercial locks”.