Cam lock

- Apr 28, 2019-

Core Changeable Cam Lock.jpg

Cam locks are widely used, and can be divided into these categories according to their structure: 

1 Triangular tongue lock: The lock cylinder of this type of tongue lock is solid triangle, one-shaped, square. Their keys are shared and widely used in industrial equipment. The material is mainly zinc alloy, and stainless steel is used in a small number of occasions.

2, plum blossom pin lock: refers to the internal structure control lock rotation of the lock nail is a copper marble. These locks are large in size and have seven marbles that can reach nearly 10,000 keys. Safety should be very good.

3, the blade cam lock: refers to the internal structure control lock rotation of the lock nail is a metal blade. This type of tongue lock is simple in structure and easy to process.

4, anti-theft tongue lock letter box lock: This lock can be equipped with three-point steel bolt, connecting the connecting rod to achieve the heaven and earth lock function. It is a simple-installed magnetic core ball-splitting tongue lock. It has the following features: a unique keyhole anti-blocking device, dustproof and foreign body blocked. The anti-technical method is turned on and the universal key is turned on. The key cannot be copied by the individual and cannot be placed on the market. The keys between the locks can be opened without each other, and the keys can be opened by a key. Easy to install and low in price. Permanent and reliable. Can be customized according to customer requirements! Material and surface treatment, the lock body is zinc alloy, the lock surface is polished and chrome-plated; the padlock tongue is galvanized steel plate. The key is a magnetic core key with a chrome finish.