Capacitive Fingerprint Locker Lock

- Apr 23, 2019-

Capacitive Fingerprint Locker Lock.jpg

A password lock is a kind of lock. It is a series of numbers or symbols when it is turned on. The text password lock can be divided into: mechanical code lock, digital code lock and so on. Passwords for password locks are usually just an arrangement rather than a true combination. Some code locks use only one turntable to turn a number of discs or cams inside the lock, and some code locks are a set of several dialed rims engraved with numbers to directly drive the inside of the lock.

The simplest combination lock, common in bicycle locks with low security settings, uses multiple dials. There is a recess in the middle of each circle. A shaft in the center of the lock has a number of protruding teeth for catching the dial. When the dial is transferred to the correct combination of passwords, the lock can be opened. This lock is the easiest to open. Many of these locks don't need to know that the password can be turned on. Unless its internal components are perfect, as long as the axial pull is pulled out, one of the teeth will tighten the dial more than the others. At this time, the tensioned tuck is rotated until a small card sound is heard, indicating that the tooth has entered the correct recess. Repeat this step and you will be able to open the lock soon.