Characteristics of RFID Electronic Lock

- May 31, 2019-

RFID electronic lock is an electronic lock with high safety level that made of high temperature flame retardant modified ABS engineering plastics.


1. The recognition distance of up to 40 meters is automatically recognized and collected without manual intervention.

2. High temperature flame retardant modified ABS engineering plastics is rain proof, shock proof, moisture proof and damage proof, and can adapt to various gasification changes.

3, embedded GPRS module can transmit data in real time, automatic roaming, wide monitoring range, low communication cost.

4, 6-8 years of service life can be used for a long time, no need to replace the battery.

5, using encrypted communication to prevent external malicious attacks and data tampering.

6, 2.45G microwave working frequency band, high data transmission speed, long distance, low power consumption.

7, powerful application development package to support a variety of logistics monitoring business needs, provide a complete technical solution.