Classification of Furniture Locks

- May 29, 2019-

The locks installed on wardrobes, cupboards, glass cabinets, desks and drawers, as well as all kinds of cabinets, suitcases and bags are all furniture locks. Because these locks are widely used and are directly in contact with each family, unit and individual, the safety performance and appearance decoration of these locks are highly demanded. With the improvement of people's life, all kinds of new furniture have come out one after another. The demand for furniture locks is quite large. In order to prevent future accidents, people have higher requirements for the performance and quality of such locks.


The classification of furniture locks is based on the classification standard of locks issued by the Ministry of Light Industry, product shape, structural performance and product specifications, series, etc. There are two ways of expression. Furniture locks can be divided into dimple key locks and flat key locks according to different structures. Besides, they can be divided into square tongue, oblique tongue and crab forceps, according to different lock tongues.

Square tongue drawer lock

Square tongue drawer lock is the most common one. It can be installed on desk and furniture drawer ester. Its control mechanism includes dimple lock core and flat lock core. Its structure is simple and the key changes little.

Oblique tongue drawer lock

The oblique tongue drawer lock has the same shape and structure as the square tongue drawer lock. It can also be divided into marble lock and flat lock. And the latch tongue is a movable tongue with oblique tongue. Usually, the latch tongue sticks out outside the lock housing, so when it closes, it can be locked only by pushing the drawer in. In order to prevent scratching the wooden frame, the lock is attached with a locking plate.

Crab-shaped lock tongue drawer lock

The lock tongue resembles a crab claw. It must be fastened with the locking plate to lock it. Suitable for cabinet, door or window.

Cupboard door lock

The structure of the door lock is exactly the same as that of the drawer lock, but the position of the device is different. There are left lock and right lock. The lock tongue of the door lock is only a square tongue.