Comparison of combination locks and mechanical locks

- Jun 18, 2019-

In recent years, smart home appliances have become the mainstream. Not only traditional electronic products will continue to develop rapidly. security products based on mechanical system also seized the wave and gave birth to a new category of smart locks. As a mature category of intelligent locks, password locks are competitive with traditional mechanical locks. Which is better, password lock or mechanical lock? Let's have a comparison.


1, Security

Mechanical lock: Mechanical lock is passive anti-theft. According to the national standard, the opening time of the C-level lock defense technology cannot be opened within 10 minutes, while the B-level lock is 5 minutes and the A-level lock is 1 minute.

Password lock: The mechanical part in code lock, which is basically the same as the mechanical lock. The lock core also have A/B/C three-level. However, the password lock can improve the security by means of remote monitoring, anti-technical opening alarm. It has more protection means than the mechanical lock.

Conclusion: In terms of security, the password lock is better than mechanical lock. However, a secure password lock is also inseparable from the high security lock cylinder. Therefore, when purchasing, it is best to buy a password lock with a super B or C lock cylinder.

2. Convenience

Mechanical lock: The mechanical lock can only be opened by the key, and there are shortcomings that keys are easy to lose or forget to carry the key, which brings a lot of troubles to people's lives.

Password lock: The password lock can be unlocked by fingerprint, mobile phone, card, password, remote, emergency key, etc., so you don't worry about the trouble caused by the loss of the key or forget the key. The convenience is far better than the mechanical lock.

Conclusion: There is no doubt that password locks have an absolute advantage in terms of convenience.

3, Stability
Mechanical lock: The mechanical lock has a long history and mature technology. As long as it is a quality qualified product, it can basically be used for ten years. The stability is good.

Password lock: In the past few years, the password lock has a big gap with the mechanical lock in terms of stability and quality. However, with the maturity of technology in recent years, the stability has basically reached the level of mechanical lock.

Conclusion: In the past few years, when the password lock was just launched in China, the stability and quality were indeed worse than the mechanical lock. However, after several years of efforts, the stability and quality of the password lock have achieved a qualitative leap, which is equal to that of the mechanical lock.