Development Trend of Cabinet Lock Market

- Oct 12, 2019-

The safety of articles has always been a topic of great concern to the people. The cabinet lock industry that escorts the cabinets has gradually gained attention. Today, people's safety awareness and convenience awareness are increasing. This also brings new opportunities to the traditional locker industry. Then what is the development trend of locker locks? let's take a detailed look at the concerns.



The first important trend is the focus on the integration of culture and personality in industrial design. The style of cabinet locks on the market is varied and varied, but it is rare to bring various cultural connotations into the design concept from the beginning of a design.


The second trend is the focus on user experience and product humanity.


The third trend is biometrics. The rise of biometrics applications and the development of smart locks will raise locks to a new level, and home intelligence will likely enter the homes of ordinary people in the near future. At present, smart locks with high technology, including password locks, IC card locks, and fingerprint locks, have gradually gained recognition in the market due to their unique convenience and technology. The fingerprint lock with biometric identification technology has a broader market prospect because of its non-reproducibility, portability, forgetfulness and non-loss characteristics.



The fourth major trend is to focus on product innovation and application, enhance core competitiveness, and increasingly regulate intellectual property protection.


The fifth major trend is to emphasize the attention to product details, to improve product quality, to reflect consumer tastes in detail, and to reflect the understanding of product content.


The sixth trend is also very concerned by consumers, that is, focusing on technology and quality certification, and product implementation standards are in line with domestic and international standards.


The seventh trend is enterprises pay more attention to quality and brand, the essence of a really good brand is the crystallization of quality, durability and sustainable development; quality is the life of the enterprise.


The eighth trend is to provide a complete solution for the lock. MAKE offers a one-stop solution for all of your needs from R&D, manufacturig, global marketing to after-sales service. With a professional engineering team specialized in OEM& ODM, using solidworks PDM, Make offers a total soluton. A full range of production workshops equipment including our own mold workshops equipment, CNC workshop, auto-lathing workshop, punching workshop, die-casting workshop, key cutting workshop and assembly workshop. Equipped with advanced equipment and a professional team, these workshops ensure quality goods are manufactured within short lead times. Last but not least, quality is the milestone of MAKE's survival and development. MAKE carries out ISO 9001:2015 system in every part of the production process with the aim of providing quality-assured products to our clients.