Electronic lock

- Oct 08, 2018-

The electronic code lock is an electronic product that controls the circuit or chip operation (access control system) through password input, thereby controlling the closing of the mechanical switch and completing the unlocking and locking tasks.

It has many types, simple circuit products, and chip-based products with high cost performance. Nowadays, the widely used electronic password lock is realized by programming with the chip as the core.

The electronic lock is in the field of security technology prevention. The electronic password lock with anti-theft alarm function replaces the traditional mechanical password lock, which overcomes the shortcomings of the mechanical password lock password and poor security performance, making the password lock technically and in performance. Greatly improve one step


Electronic lock, it is also based on 51 series single-chip microcomputer (AT89051)

With the corresponding hardware circuit, the function of setting, storing, identifying and displaying the password, driving the electromagnetic actuator and detecting the driving current value, receiving the alarm signal sent by the sensor, and transmitting the data are completed.

The MCU receives the entered code and compares it with the password stored in the EEPROM. If the password is correct, the electromagnetic actuator is unlocked; if the password is incorrect, the operator is allowed to re-enter the password, up to three times; if three times If it is not correct, the MCU will alarm the intelligent monitor through the communication line. The single-chip microcomputer sends the unlocking operation and the driving current value of the electromagnetic actuator as the status information to the intelligent monitor at this time, and also sends the alarm information received from the sensor interface to the intelligent monitor as the basis of the intelligent analysis.