Electronic Lock

- May 08, 2019-

Touch Keypad Locker Lock.jpg

In fact, in the traditional industry, it is also possible to find a more insured investment than the so-called new economy, but the profit is not inferior. Password lock is not a product that is used frequently. It can be said to be a semi-static product, which is more practical in mechanical way. However, the amount of passwords in electronic mode is large, and people feel that they are safer. The password of this patented product is close to the electronic code lock, and the operation is much faster than the traditional mechanical code lock. It is simple and practical. It can be the mainstream of high-grade password locks like the previous two cases.

The dial-type full mechanical code lock is also a box type mechanical code lock, which is a disc type mechanical code lock, has a control lock tongue, and is a coaxial operation input password and an opening lock tongue. However, the operation mode has a big difference: the box type mechanical code lock is connected to the active disk by the operation axis, and then the other disk is driven by the active disk in turn, so when the password is input, the knob should be rotated several times and then reversed several times. You can enter your password repeatedly. The dial-type full mechanical code lock is a simple sequential dialer inside, which sequentially dials each password disc. From an external operation, it is similar to the operation of an old-fashioned dial-type telephone: starting from the beginning of the dial, turning the dial clockwise to a certain digit, and then returning to the starting point, a password is entered. Repeat this until the last password is entered, and then turn the dial counterclockwise from the starting point to open the bolt.