Essential for office filing cabinets-flat cam lock

- Jan 21, 2021-

Office file cabinet, which is an essential piece of office furniture. It can not only store documents and office items, but also make our office become more orderly and tidy, and improve the image of the office environment. With people's concern about the privacy and security of office, various lock products have been widely used in filing cabinets, including flat lock. In order to help friends better understand this product, let me  introduce you to the advantages of the flat lock. If you are interested, come and learn about it!

With the rapid development of smart technology, in the era of smart electronic locks, flat locks seem to have become synonymous with insecurity, and are gradually replaced by electronic locks. So, is the flat lock really no longer suitable for office filing cabinets? of course not!

Take MAKE cam lock MK104-30 as an example, compared to various smart electronic locks, flat locks have the following advantages:

Flat lock has simple structure, easy installation and operation, low cost, and can be widely accepted by the public.
When the lock core of the flat lock is damaged, the lock core can be easily replaced, and the maintenance cost is low.
The flat lock has better stability and longer service life, and will not change the performance of the lock due to the influence of the environment.
In general, among the various lock products used in office filing cabinets, flat locks are favored by office workers due to their advantages of convenient operation, high quality and low price, and become a necessary part of office filing cabinets.