Fingerprint locker lock, potential products in future identification technology

- Jul 02, 2019-

Electronic lockers are more and more widely used in our life, providing short-term storage services for supermarkets, libraries, exhibition halls, restaurants, stations and entertainment venues etc. These can prove that lockers have great significance in modern society. As one of the storage lockers, the electronic locker overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional manual deposit, such as manpower, slow speed, and insecurity.

The development of lockers has gone through the following aspects: The original lockers were equipped with mechanical locks with keys, also known as key lockers. The key locker is designed for centralized management of a large number of keys. The key must be issued by the management personnel to inquire about the relevant information of the key to be retrieved and returned, and record the use of the locker in detail, thus solving various problems caused by improper management.

With the further development of electronic components, various kinds of electronic password locks appear one after another, and their functions are becoming stronger and stronger. They are more convenient to use and more secure. Due to the improvement of people's requirements for confidentiality, some people have proposed a remote management automatic storage system for the problem that the traditional locker lock can not meet the strict confidentiality, and use the database technology to password, IC card and Biometric identification system (fingerprint recognition, face recognition, palm recognition, signature recognition, voice recognition, etc.), which is integrated into the remote locker lock system and protected by Internet technology, even at very long distances. As a potential product in future identification technologies, biometric technology has a very good application prospects.


According to fingerprint identification technology, Make has developed high-quality fingerprint identification locker locks. With three level management system and low voltage alarm, switch between private use and public use mode freely, besides, it support for two-language display, greatly facilitating the use of customers in different countries.