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- Mar 04, 2021-

When we go shopping or traveling, "free our hands and travel light" is our common dream. After all, it is really inconvenient to carry a bag or a large suitcase to hang out. With the improvement of infrastructure in various places and the improvement of service levels, lockers have become a kind of equipment that can be seen everywhere in stations, tourist attractions, and even entertainment venues and shopping malls.

The reason why the locker can provide us with security mainly comes from the various locker locks it uses. With the advancement of technology and changes in market demand, locker locks, like other locks, have gone through the development process from mechanical locks to smart electronic locks. Today, I will introduce a common password cam lock for storage cabinets to you, let us see how it can free your hands and change your travel when traveling~

Compared with the current prevailing smart cabinets, the lockers using mechanical locks seem a bit "outdated", but their advantages such as less consumables, no power supply, and the lock core removable, make it still occupy the vast domestic and foreign locker market.

MK716, one of the new products of MAKE, is specially designed for storage lockers in public places such as gyms, bath centers and schools. In the use of MK716, just turn the dials to unlock, easy to operate. 

In order to better protect the user's privacy and property security, MK716 also specially added a resettable function. When the user unlocks, the dials will automatically return to zero, no need to manually disturb, which will not cause the password to be leaked, so the security be greatly improved!

MK716 is made of zinc alloy. The surface is treated with special processes such as satin chrome plated. It is not easy to wear, but also can prevent moisture, heat, corrosion, and has a long service life. It has a stylish appearance, suitable for the all kinds of furniture, cabinets, lockers.

For some elderly people, it may often happen that the password lock cannot be opened due to forgetting the password. Considering the usage of different user groups and combining with user needs, MAKE equips MK716 with a master key. When the user forgets the password, the master key can be used to unlock the lock urgently, or the password can be retrieved quickly through the master key, which greatly improves use experience.

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