Good looking,safe locking-the application of four-digit combination lock in the locker

- Dec 12, 2019-

With the continuous improvement of living standards, gyms, swimming pools, bath centers, saunas and other places have become a good place for everyone to exercise and keep healthy. In these places, merchants often equip lockers to store our personal belongings. While the locker brings convenience to our lives, it also effectively protects our belongings and property.

As an important line of defense to protect the locker, the choice of locker is also very important. The MK708 produced by Xiamen MAKE is a lock for lockers. It is widely used and loved by consumers.


Due to the humid and warm environment of places such as bath centers and saunas, wooden lockers and steel lockers have been replaced by waterproof and anti-corrosive ABS plastic lockers. Correspondingly, the shortcomings of traditional locker locks, such as rust and damage, cannot meet environmental requirements.

MK708 is made of zinc alloy, which has stable performance and is not easy to rust and damage. The surface of the lock is powder coating, which can prevent moisture, heat and corrosion, and has a long service life. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional locker locks, such as rust and damage.

Traditional lockers often use padlocks, barcode paper, and bracelet keys to unlock. After placing personal items, users need to carefully store the keys or barcode paper, which sometimes causes inconvenience to users.

The MK708 four-digit combination lock just abandons this disadvantage. Users can set the four-digit password. When unlocking, they can unlock without a key, which is simple and convenient. And the password is only four digits, which is not easy to forget. Even when the password is forgotten, the user can also use the emergency key to perform emergency unlocking.

With the improvement of the public's aesthetic level, fashionable and simple lockers are very popular. MK708 four-digit combination lock is small in size and exquisite in shape. The lock case is available in white and black colors, with a clean and elegant appearance and can customize different colors according to user needs. While protecting the safety of the cabinet, it can also decorate the locker , bringing a different aesthetic experience to users.