Great potential of fingerprint lock

- Aug 29, 2019-

China's fingerprint identification product market, especially the commercial application product market, has entered a period of rapid growth after nearly ten years of development. The application field of fingerprint products has been continuously expanded. Product performance has been steadily improving, and costs have continued to decline. The scale of manufacturers keeps expanding, the export market shows explosive growth, and most manufacturers begin to get profits. So, we believe that China's fingerprint identification products (commercial application products) have entered a mature stage of product development according to the product life cycle theory. Its development stage and speed are far higher than other biometric technologies (such as iris recognition, face recognition, palm shape recognition, etc.) and product markets.


With the development of technology, especially fingerprint acquisition technology, fingerprint recognition has been widely used in various types of locks, including door locks, cabinet locks, car locks, etc., and sales have increased significantly year by year. At the same time, the fingerprint identification lock is also the domestic fingerprint identification product with the highest export ratio, and its export ratio reaches over 90%. This phenomenon not only indicates that the international market for fingerprint identification and lock products has been successfully developed, but also indicates that there is still a big problem in the popularization of the domestic market.


With the deepening of China's opening to the outside world, the market has great potential for development, and a large number of related enterprises have emerged. MAKE is one of them. Make has develped a series of high-end Locker & funiture locks, including fingerprint lock, combination lock, electronic lock, etc. If you need any information or have any question, please contact us.