How is the development of electronic password locks?

- Mar 07, 2019-

Security Electronic Keypad Locker lock.jpgEarly 21st century. Contact cards are mature in technology, low in price, and widely used; non-contact cards are concealed and convenient, and they tend to be on the rise. The large amount of information stored is the advantage of the card. It not only serves as a key, but also loads a lot of personal information. It is especially suitable for the financial industry to pay attention to the characteristics of the industry, and the convenience of cardholders. The use of such electronic anti-theft locks requires careful storage of the card, especially the authorization to cancel the card as soon as possible.

At the beginning of the 21st century, in the western developed countries, the password lock technology is relatively advanced and complete in variety. The electronic code lock has been widely used in the intelligent access control system to realize the door management through a variety of safer and more reliable technologies. In China, the overall level of password locks is still in the international 70s. The cost of electronic code locks is still very high. The market is still dominated by push-button electronic locks. The push-button and card-key electronic locks have been introduced to the international advanced level. However, the electronic lock developed by the country itself has not yet formed its market structure, and its application is still not extensive. Many domestic enterprises have also introduced advanced technologies from the world, and the development prospects are very impressive.

It is an inevitable trend to replace the mechanical lock with a smart lock. We have reason to believe that the smart lock will lead the Chinese lock industry to develop better with its unique technological advantages, so that more people can use it more confidently. It will also make our future safer.