How to choose Electronic Lock?

- May 15, 2019-

Capacitive Fingerprint Locker Lock.jpg

Electronic door locks have emerged with the development of electronic technology. They are incomparable to mechanical locks in terms of ease of use, anti-illegal opening, and intelligent management. Therefore, they are widely used in industries with high safety requirements. In the purchase of electronic door locks, the following principles should be grasped.

It is necessary to determine functional requirements based on the application, as different usage environments have different functional focuses. As an electronic door lock for financial institutions, the necessary functions are: a time limit function for all key cards, a lock record function, and a hierarchical management function. On the basis of the basic functions, in order to adapt to future development, it is possible to consider the expansion of the lock system and the technical interface of the card system. It is necessary to monitor the state of the door in real time, and to control the opening of the door in case of extraordinary events. . The best solution is to network the door locks and consider the interfaces of other IC card systems together in order to implement the card.

Door locks must be safe and stable as a safety precaution product. Security can be measured in two ways: First, resist vandalism, mischief, and deliberate violent destruction such as smashing and drilling. In this respect, the mechanical strength of mechanical locks and electronic door locks can generally meet the requirements. Among all types of door locks, only the RF card electronic door lock is a fully enclosed structure, which is the best in safety. Second, the prevention technology is turned on, and the ability of the mechanical lock to prevent the technology from opening is very poor. Regardless of the mechanical lock of that structure, it can be opened by other means. The key can be copied is a big security risk.