How to choose schoolbag locker locks?

- Mar 30, 2020-

In recent years, lockers have gradually become a new equipment that is popular in all primary and secondary schools. Whether it is made of wood, steel or ABS plastic, schoolbag cabinets have almost become a must-have item for schools. Rows of environmentally friendly and durable bookcases not only bring convenience to students, but also decorate the classrooms more cleanly and tidy, while also ensuring the safety of student personal belongings.

As the situation of epidemic prevention and control improves, students will also return to campus, and the schoolbag locker will continue to play their role in the lives of students. So what should schools pay attention to when choosing locks of schoolbag lockers?


As a place to store students' personal belongings, the safety of the schoolbag locker must be the first place considered by the school. At present, common locks for schoolbag lockers in the market include cam locks, password locks, and smart locks. Different products have different grades, so how to choose the one with higher cost performance among many products requires us to carefully compare and buy.

  1. Cam lock

The cam lock is a kind of lock commonly used in daily life. It is simple and convenient to operate and has a high cost performance. It can be equipped with an administrator key and a lock cylinder key. Without losing the school locker and lock body, when students lose their keys,we can open the locker door and replace the lock cylinder.


2. RFID lock

At present, the application of RFID locks in schoolbag locker is becoming more and more common. There are two types of RFID locks, one is a split type, that is, the lock panel and the lock body are separated, and they need to be fixed with a gong wire on the front of the locker door and the inside of the door. This is a traditional RFID lock. The other is an integrated RFID lock, whose lock case and battery are integrated in a lock box, which has a smaller size and a wider range of applications.


3. Combination lock

There are two types of combination locks: mechanical combination lock and electronic combination lock. The combination lock produced by MAKE is very convenient to install. The biggest advantage of a combination lock is that it frees students from the hassle of carrying a key with them, and only needs to remember their own password to open the door. Even if you forget the password, you can use the administrator key to unlock it urgently, or use the four-in-one probe to retrieve the password, which is convenient and reliable.


With the development of technology, smart lockers using fingerprint recognition and face recognition technology have gradually entered major campuses, playing an important role in students' daily lives. There are various types of school bag locks. In addition to considering the quality and cost-effectiveness of school bag locks when purchasing, schools also need to consider the situation of the group of school bag locks when purchasing locks. For example, in elementary school campuses, schools should try to choose induction locks, because this lock operation is more convenient, and the key is a bracelet key or card, which is not easy for primary school students to lose. On university campuses, schools can choose smart locks. Smart locks generally use fingerprint recognition and face recognition technology. The unlocking is relatively simple and convenient, and the security is guaranteed. It is more popular with trendy college students.