How to maintain the intelligent locker lock?

- May 08, 2020-

The locker is an item that we often use in our daily life. With the continuous updating and upgrading of locker products, lockers equipped withintelligent lockshave gradually replaced the traditional key lockers with the advantages of simple operation, safety and reliability, and are favored by consumers. Although the intelligent locker is easier to use, we must not neglect its maintenance during use, especially the smart lock used on the locker. So how to maintain the intelligent locker lock, what should we need to do?Now MAKE will tell you.


1: Keep the locks clean and dry

For most locks, keeping the surface clean and dry is a very important and critical point in the daily maintenance of the lock, as is the daily maintenance of the smart locker lock. If the intelligent locker lock is not cleaned during use, it is easy to accumulate dust or dirt, and the performance of the smart lock will be affected after a long time.

When cleaning the intelligent locker lock, we should gently wipe it with a dry soft cloth. Use the dry soft cloth to keep the lock dry and avoid moisture and will not scratch the surface, affecting the lock's aesthetic .

2. Good use environment

The intelligent locker lock is different from the traditional locks. It has certain requirements on the use environment. Too cold, high temperature and humid environment will affect the performance and service life.In order to avoid these problems from the source, you can buy MAKE intelligent locker lock made of ABS. Its waterproof and dustproof rating is IP54, and the applicable environment is temperature -15 ~ 65 ℃, humidity 5% ~ 95%, can effectively play the role of waterproof and moisture proof.


In addition, in daily use, we must pay attention not to let the lock surface contact with corrosive substances. This is because the contact surface of the intelligent  lock with corrosive substances will not only destroy the protective layer of the lock surface, affect the gloss of the lock surface, but also cause the surface coating to oxidize and affect the appearance .

 3.  Unprofessional disassembly is prohibited

The internal structure of intelligent locker lock is often much more complicated than mechanical locks. There are various high-tech electronic products inside. If you are not familiar with the internal structure, it is best not to disassemble them casually. When the intelligent locker lock fails, you can consult the manufacturer if there are any problems. Generally, there will be a dedicated after-sales service staff to help you solve it.


4. Check the battery regularly

Intelligent locker lock is also an electronic product, which basically uses battery power.Therefore, in daily maintenance, we need to regularly check the battery, especially in high temperature weather, and pay attention to avoid battery leakage corrosion.

Once it is found that the battery of the intelligent locker lock is low or there are signs of leakage, it is necessary to replace the new battery immediately, and do not mix the old and new batteries. If it is out of power, we can use a spare key to unlock, or use an external mobile power supply to charge, and the lock can be unlocked after normal operation.


5. Mechanical keyhole

For some intelligent locker locks, mechanical keyholes will also be configured as spares, such as MK731-1 ,so you should also pay attention to the maintenance of mechanical keyholes when servicing intelligent locker locks.

Ok, the above are the top five secrets about the maintenance of intelligent locker lock. Are you doing these maintenance methods correctly? Xiamen MAKE Security is a manufacturer dedicated to providing high-end lock products for lockers, focusing on the combination of product characteristics and user needs, and implementing strict quality control for each production link to ensure product quality and performance. If you want to know more information, please contact us as soon as possible!