How to maintain the locker lock to look like new?

- Apr 10, 2020-

Lockers are generally divided into household lockers and business lockers, etc., which are mainly used to facilitate people's use, store different items, and are divided into categories. For some families or dorms with small space, lockers can not only make full use of the space to accommodate more living items, but also can well decorate people's home environment. But as one of the essential items in our lives, lockers also need maintenance, especially locker lock. After all, in this era of value, the appearance of locks is good or bad, which is related to our decentness.

So how to maintain the locker lock, is there any way? And listen to MAKE to tell everyone.

1. Keep the locker lock surface dry

For most locks, keeping them dry is a very important and critical point in the daily maintenance of locks. This is because dry surfaces can keep the lock away from rust or corrosion. But the lock will definitely get wet, so what should we do with it? There are only two ways to get wet. One is rain, and there is no way to avoid rain, but if it is installed outdoors, it is recommended to build a rain shed, otherwise the water will be easily damaged. The other is when cleaning, it is recommended to soak a slightly damp cloth with clean water and wipe gently, do not use alkaline detergent to clean, it is easy to cause the lock surface of the locker to be corroded.

2.Scratches should be dealt with in time

In daily life, due to friction during use and improper daily care, over time will cause slight scratches on the lock surface of the locker. In this case, first of all, we must avoid rubbing the lock of the locker when using it. When the lock of the lock is scratched, if the scratch is not obvious, the plating layer is not completely exposed. The polishing method can be removed. Of course, you can also choose locks that are not easily worn, such as MAKE locker locks. The electronic locks of MAKE lockers are mostly made of zinc alloy. The surface of the zinc alloy is chrome plated, nickel plated, and powder sprayed. It is not only beautiful in appearance, but also stable in performance, not easy to wear.

3. What to do if it is used in a humid environment

When the locker is inevitably used in places with relatively humid conditions, first of all, it is recommended that you communicate with the salesperson whether it can be used in places with relatively humid conditions before purchasing, or what measures can be taken to keep the lock in the damp It can also be used normally in the environment, avoiding the problem of buying the lock of the locker from the source and not using it for a long time in a humid environment. In addition, you can also buy Make ABS material locker locks with a waterproof and dustproof rating of IP54. The applicable environment is temperature -15 ~ 65 ℃, humidity 5% ~ 95%, which can effectively play a role efficacy.

4. Avoid the high-temperature exposure

When the locker needs to be used in an outdoor environment, if your locker uses electronic products, then you usually need to pay attention to not use it in an environment with high temperature to avoid explosion. In addition, high-temperature exposure can easily accelerate the aging of the lock surface of the locker and discolor it, which is not conducive to maintaining the beautiful surface of the lock for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to avoid putting the lockers in the hot sun for long periods of time.

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