Intelligent Code Lock

- Feb 15, 2019-

Intelligent Code Lock.jpgIn the field of security technology prevention, the intelligent code lock with anti-theft alarm function replaces the traditional mechanical password lock, which overcomes the shortcomings of mechanical password lock password and poor security performance, making the intelligent code lock technically and in performance. Both have greatly improved one step. With the development of large-scale integrated circuit technology, especially the advent of single-chip microcomputers, there has been a smart password lock with a microprocessor. In addition to the function of electronic password lock, it also introduces functions such as intelligent management and expert analysis system. Therefore, the password lock has high security and reliability, and the application is increasingly widespread.

The system of intelligent code locks consists of a smart monitor and an electronic lock. The two are placed off-site, and the smart monitor supplies the power required by the electronic lock and receives the alarm information and status information sent by it. Here, the line multiplexing technology is adopted to share a two-core cable for power supply and information transmission, which improves the reliability and safety of the system.