Intelligent electronic lock, so the choice is the most reliable!

- Nov 15, 2019-

With the rapid development of smart technology, smart products are gradually entering our lives. Compared with the traditional way of life, a variety of convenient and fast intelligent products have improved our quality of life and, to a certain extent, reduced our burden of living.The emergence of intelligent electronic locks not only makes our daily life smarter and more convenient, but also ensures safety.

Silver Metal Electronic Keypad Lock

As the first line of defense for smart home life, intelligent electronic locks are deeply loved by consumers because of their high security and versatility. They are gradually becoming more and more important in the market. However, for most consumers, smart electronic locks are a professional security tool. In addition to the appearance and simple functions, most people are ignorant of intelligent electronic locks. It is dazzling because the current market is full of various electronic smart locks. Therefore, at the time of purchase, consumers want to buy a safe and reliable electronic smart lock, but often can not start. The following MAKE will use the company's self-developed intelligent electronic lock MK731 to tell you how to choose the smart electronic lock is the most reliable!

The first is the material of the smart electronic lock. Whether it is a traditional mechanical lock or a smart electronic lock, the material is the primary concern of people when purchasing locks. Good materials ensure that the locks can be used in harsh environments such as normal or outdoor, wet, and hot. MAKE MK731 is made of zinc alloy,the surface of the lock is chrome-plated, dust-sprayed, painted, and stable in nature. It will not be greatly affected in outdoor, humid, high-temperature environments. It is not only suitable for cabinets and doors of various materials - plastic / metal / aluminum alloy, but also for lockers in schools, hospitals, factories, offices, airports, railway stations, swimming pools, baths, clubs, etc.

The second is the function of the intelligent electronic lock. Intelligent electronic locks use magnetic cards, RFID cards, fingerprints, face recognition and other means of identification to unlock or lock, so the function settings need to be more user-friendly, to meet the different needs of consumers in different situations. MAKE MK731 has three modes for unlocking. The management password, manager password, and user password can be unlocked. At the same time, the lock also has a mechanical emergency unlock function. Once the electronic lock cannot be used normally, the user can mechanically unlock it through this function.

In addition, MAKE also has special settings for different usage modes. In the fixed mode, the MK731 will automatically lock after 3 seconds of unlocking; in the temporary mode, when the user is not recognized, the lock will remain normally open. When there is a user, the blue light flashes once every 2 seconds.

The third point of the life of the intelligent electronic lock. MK731 intelligent electronic lock independently designed and developed by MAKE has a long service life and can be continuously unlocked for more than 30,000 times, which can fully guarantee the lock demand of consumers. Moreover, MAKE also fully considered the problem of insufficient battery. In undervoltage mode, MK731 can still be unlocked 100 times continuously, and it will be accompanied by red light and indicator warning, which solves the problem that the intelligent electronic lock suddenly loses power.

Nowadays, the development of technology has enabled more and more smart products to enter our lives. I believe that the use of smart electronic locks will become more common in the future. In order to make security more intelligent and make life safer and more convenient, we need to know more about intelligent electronic lock products, no longer blind when choosing smart electronic locks, so that home security and personal privacy are more secure.