Is the password padlock trustworthy?

- Jul 15, 2019-

Password padlocks are often used in filing cabinets, lockers, metal cabinets and other cabinets. A small padlock is not indestructible. Is it worth the trust? Let us find the answer from the working principle of password padlock!

Password padlocks

A general password padlock has a password dial that is connected to the spindle. Inside the lock, the spindle connects several wheels and one drive cam, and the number of wheels in the wheel is determined by the number of password bits. When you rotate the dial, the spindle rotates the drive cam and the drive pin is attached to the drive cam. As the cam rotates, the drive pin eventually contacts a small pull tab on the adjacent runner, the drive plate.

There is a drive piece on each side of each runner. The drive pin rotates the first wheel until it contacts the adjacent wheel. This process continues until all the wheels have rotated. This is also called the rotating wheel. Each runner on the mandrel is engraved with a notch. When you dial the correct password, all runners and their notches will be perfectly aligned. When all the wheels are aligned, their notches will align to form a gap. On the padlock, this gap allows the buckle of the lock to be released.

The above is the introduction of the principle of password lock. The value of the password lock is not trustworthy. I believe everyone has the answer.

password padlock dimension figure

MK711 is a kind of password padlock produced by Meike. It adopts 4-digit password structure, and the management key can be unlocked in an emergency, which is safe and reliable. This lock has a brushed copper surface design, the lock body is copper, the lock beam is made of carbon steel, it is indestructible, and can be customized according to customer needs. If you would like more detailed information about this lock, please call the hotline at 86-592 6363716 or leave us a message on the official website!