Locker lock maintenance guide

- Oct 22, 2019-

First, insist on the drying of the locker lock surface

Persistence in drying is a very important point of maintenance locks. Surface-drying locks can keep away from rust or corrosion. However, the lock will definitely be stained with water, so how to deal with it? There are two ways to get wet. One is rain, which can't be avoided. If it's installed outdoors, it's recommended to build a canopy, or they are easy to be damaged by water. The other is that when cleaning, it is recommended to dip the slightly wet cloth with clear water and wipe it gently. Do not use alkaline detergent to clean it, which may cause corrosion on the lock surface.


Second, scratches should be handled in time

Second, the scratches should be dealt with in a timely manner

Due to the use of friction and improper daily care, the surface of the lock for a long time will has a slight scratch, and the plating layer is not completely exposed. This scratch is not obvious under the light or the sunlight, and can be removed by a professional polishing method.


Third, how to use in humid environment

Inevitably, it should be used in places with relatively humid conditions. Since the locker lock can't be wet, what should we do at this time? Before purchasing, you should communicate with the salesman about the usage and the measures you can take to make the lock work normally in the wet condition.


Fourth, avoid sun exposure

Electronic products should not be used in environments with excessive temperatures. Moreover, the high temperature exposure is easy to accelerate the aging of the locker lock surface, fading, which is not conducive to keeping the surface beautiful for a long time.


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