Locks companies Strive for Quality to Build Mainstream Products

- Sep 29, 2019-

Locks are closely related to our life and safety. Carefully building lock quality has become the mainstream consumption trend in the market. Developing and applying new technologies and materials, saving energy, reducing consumption, and reducing pollution have become the mainstream of development.


At present, more and more smart locks are emerging in the market. It has been added to the high-tech, intelligent elements such as touch screen, password, fingerprint, remote control, wireless, and swipe card, which further demonstrates humanized care. Smart locks have these security features that protect users' lives and property to a large extent.


In addition to intelligent locks with high technology and added value, some mechanical locks on the market also occupy a place in the lockset Market with high-cost materials and beautiful design.



Whether it is smart locks or ordinary mechanical locks, whether domestic or foreign, the lock industry has a very strict set of quality standards and safety requirements. Under the conditions of close connection with life safety, lock companies should pay close attention to quality in order to have their own market.


MAKE has a professional and strict quality control team, carrying out ISO9001:2015 system in every part of the production process, applying for IATF16949, and introducing system “online connected design and manufacturing process”, with the aim of providing quality-assured locker locks to our clients.