MAKE intelligent lock, the reasons why you should choose!

- Nov 22, 2019-

Lock, as one of our security lines, silently guards our daily security. With the development of science and technology, intelligent locks gradually enter everyone's daily life, bringing people a safer and more convenient life experience, which is favored by consumers.


Nowadays, there are many kinds of intelligent locks on the market, and the functions are not the same, which is dazzling. As a leader in the lock industry, MAKE will tell you a few reasons why to choose MAKE intelligent lock!

Safe and reliable, your intelligent choice

Whether it is a mechanical lock or a intelligent lock, security is a very important part. MAKE independently developed and designed a variety of different styles of intelligent locks, which are highly secure to meet the different needs of users. In addition to the basic functions of a typical intelligent lock, MAKE intelligent locks also features unique security features. For example, MK731 can be automatically locked after being unlocked for 3 seconds in the fixed mode. MK732 has a three-level user management system, which is easy to set up and can be switched between private use and public mode. It is suitable for lockers in various places such as schools, hospitals, factories, offices, etc., as well as cabinets and doors of various materials.

Simple and convenient, away from troubles

In the era of mechanical locks, I think that people often encounter these situations: when they return to their homes, they can’t enter the house because they forget to bring their keys or lost keys, and when the guests come to the house, they need to rush home! When they have to put the bunch of keys into a heavy string hanging around waist to prevent the key from being lost, at this time, I believe many people will think in the same way, it would be fine if there is a intelligent lock!

The new intelligent lock launched by MAKE opens the door by password or fingerprint, RFID card, etc. It is more convenient for everyone's daily life on the basis of safety, so that you no longer have to worry about forgetting to take the key or lose the key. In addition, although intelligent locks are smarter and safer than mechanical locks, they may not work in some emergency situations. In view of this, MAKE's intelligent locks are equipped with an emergency unlock function. In some emergency situations, users can use the mechanical emergency unlock function or emergency opening of the master key to unlock and protect their lives and property.

Fashion and simple, satisfying your aesthetic

In addition to safety and convenience, the product's appearance is also an important factor for users to consider when purchasing locks. The intelligent locks developed by MAKE, such as MK731, MK733, etc., use zinc alloy in materials, which are not only light, but also resistant to corrosion and high temperature, and can be used in harsh environments. In terms of color, MAKE intelligent lock is made of black and white and gray. It is sleek and simple, and has a simple and elegant appearance. It can be applied to a variety of styles.

Reliable locks,optimal choice. After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, MAKE has been committed to becoming a global leader in industrial locks and commercial locks. A variety of different types of intelligent locks launched by MAKE have met the various needs of customers, bringing security to customers and being well received by users.