MAKE laptop lock, a necessary partner of the computer family

- May 30, 2019-

With the rapid changes of the times, the pace of life is accelerating, so that many people default to follow the principle of time cost priority. As a result, a number of efficiency-enhancing products have been born, such as mobile phones, e-readers, computers and so on. Among them, notebook computers with the characteristics of "small size, light weight, easy to carry, full function" become the first choice when most people buy computers.


Purchasing laptops are not a small expense, and the important data stored in the laptops are invaluable treasures. Besides, because of its easy-to-carry characteristics and high value, the thief can easily succeed in a short moment when the owner turns around. Under this circumstance, the MAKE laptop is undoubtedly a necessity for computer users.

Xiamen MAKE Security is a well-known lock enterprise, and all the products are excellent. As soon as the MAKE laptop locks were introduced, they were well received by the market and had a good reputation. The locking time and location of MAKE notebook computer are almost unlimited. Just connect one end of the computer with a reserved lock hole and the other end with fixed objects that are not easy to move and fall off, such as pillars, railings, chairs and so on, which can greatly improve the security and theft-proof index of the computer.

It is worth mentioning that the MAKE notebook computer lock MK805 has a simple appearance and is suitable for most computers on the market. The main material is zinc alloy, which is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life; the structure is flexible. It is not easy to knot and entangle; the operation process is simple and clear. Safe and convenient; support locks, cables, buckles and other accessories freely match to meet different needs of customers.

MAKE has been devoted to security industry for more than ten years. With years of experience and constant craftsmanship, it has not lost its social love, researching and producing hundreds of good locks. The laptop lock is just one of the products of the company. In the future, MAKE will not forget the original heart, be a humble forward, forging more excellent goods.