MAKE smart electronic lock-make the factory lockers safer and more convenient!

- May 29, 2020-

The locker is not only favored by consumers, but also welcomed by the majority of factories. It brings convenience to employees, make them more attentive to work, and improve production efficiency. It also makes the entire factory workshop look very neat and clean, convenient for 6S management, and instantly improve the image of the factory. With the development of science and technology, smart electronic locks are gradually widely used in factory workshop locker, so what are the advantages of the application of smart electronic locks in factory workshop locker?


High security: In the factory production workshop, employees put valuables such as bags, mobile phones, and wallets in lockers when they go to work. It is easy to cause the loss of personal belongings of employees, and even prying locks may occur. If the security level of the locks used is bad, the safety of employees ’belongings is not guaranteed.The smart electronic lock has a qualitative leap in user identification, security, and management. With electromagnetic induction, password, fingerprint, and face recognition technology, the key is difficult to copy, so security and reliability are guaranteed.


Simple and economical: The smart electronic lock has an electronic induction locking system. Users only need to read the card or enter the password / fingerprint / face unlock to achieve the lock within a short time, the operation is very convenient. In addition, the magnetic cards of some smart electronic locks are designed with bracelets and cards, which not only facilitates employees, but also reduces the cost of labor and accessories caused by the replacement of the lock core in the factory due to the loss of keys.


Easy to manageFor some large factory workshops, they can often have tens of thousands of employees, and the mobility of general employees is relatively large. Whenever the employee information changes, the administrator must update the employee's change information to the locker in time. At this time, if the personnel or the locker administrator directly collects the key and exchanges it with a new employee or a new key, the workload is very large and error-prone. The use of smart electronic locks (such as induction electronic locks and fingerprint locks) only needs to add user information labels, which is convenient to replace and saves management costs and time.

Nowadays, the popularization of smart electronic locks has enabled more and more factory workshops to be equipped with smart lockers to provide employees with more security. If you want to make the locker in the factory workshop safer, and let employees work more at ease and efficiently, MAKE smart electronic locks are a good choice for you! We can tailor a variety of high-quality, high-security smart electronic locks for you and  provide comprehensive after-sales service.