MAKE teaches you how to choose high quality locks

- Aug 09, 2019-

The mechanical lock has the functions of anti-drilling, anti-saw and anti-technical opening. The following are important factors to consider when selecting a mechanical lock.


First, the security level of the key lock.

The anti-theft ability of mechanical locks is the most important factor in selecting locks. The anti-theft capability of the key locks is a top priority when selecting locks. According to the provisions of the Ministry of Public Security GAT73-94 "Mechanical Anti-theft Lock", the lock is classified into a common protection level and an advanced protection level according to its anti-theft capability. The general protection level is indicated by the letter "A", and the advanced protection level is indicated by the letter "B". Level A lock prevents technical unlocking time not less than 1 minute and destructive unlocking time not less than 15 minutes. Level B lock prevents technical unlocking time not less than 5 minute and destructive unlocking time not less than 30 minutes. So level B locks are better in anti-theft capabilities.


Second, service life and fire prevention standards.

National standards are an important factors in the selection of locks, and there are three most common standards in key lock: Chinese standards, European standards, and  American standards. In China, the key lock body and panel handle that meet the national standard should meet the GA/T73-94 mechanical anti-theft lock B grade.

Last, the material requirements.

There are various materials such as stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy. Among them, the best among the lock materials is stainless steel. The lock made of stainless steel is brighter, stronger, and more resistant to corrosion. Locks made of zinc alloys are easy to die-cast parts with complex patterns, but perform poorly in terms of strength and rust resistance.

 Steel has better strength and lower cost, but it is prone to rust. The lock made of aluminum alloy is easy to shape, but the texture is soft and the material strength is low.


When choosing a lock, these three factors can be used to select a good lock. MAKE offer a one-stop solution for all of your needs from R&D, manufacturing, global marketing to after-sales service. If you want more detailed information about locks, please call 86-592 6363716 or leave a message on our website.