Mechanical locks or password locks, which one do you prefer?

- Jun 20, 2019-

Mechanical locks and electronic password locks are the two most common locks in the market. They have their own advantages. Consumers can choose locks suitable for themselves according to their characteristics.

Low cost, single function, so the general mechanical lock is notexpensive, and cost performance is good. But in addition to the door closing and locking, there is basically no other interaction with the user.


Electronic password locks have more technological content, involving biometrics, electronic information, Internet of Things, radio frequency technology, chips and other fields. It is a mechanical and electrical integration lock product. Password lock is an intelligent product. In addition to bringing people a safe and convenient experience, it also has many interactive functions, such as weather forecast, interconnection with other smart home products, family birthday reminders, etc., which is very interactive.


In terms of price, since the mechanical lock technology is relatively lower than the password lock, it has an absolute advantage in price. Password locks are a bit more expensive, but the experience  and interaction is better. So which one do you prefer?