Metal mechanical code lock for gym

- Jun 05, 2019-

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people like to exercise in their spare time, the gym has undoubtedly become a good choice. As a public place, the safety of personal items has become a concern of fitness enthusiasts. There may be thieves in the lockers room. Gym locker lock  reduces management difficulty partly. In order to reduce the burden on users, the gym began to provide users with rental locker service. The combination locker lock has become a good partner for the lockers.


Most of the gym's locker locks are made of plastic material. MK708, a lock from MAKE, is a full metal mechanical code lock that can be used in the gym wardrobe, archive room filing cabinet, rental storage cabinet, storage cabinet, etc. This code lock is made of zinc alloy, and power coating finished. It can adapt to the hot and humid environment of the gym, and even can be used outdoors. The combination can reach up to 10,000. The user can set the password arbitrarily. The key can not only open the password lock, but also the tool to retrieve the password! More importantly, this all-metal combination lock can be used on wooden lockers, steel cabinets and ABS lockers with a thickness of 1-20mm. This metal combination lock is fixed by a nut and can be installed on a standard hole of 16*19mm. It can replace all the locks of the same mounting hole, which is easy to use and easy to maintain!