Rapid development of lock companies

- Sep 20, 2019-

From the perspective of development quality, the lock industry still has obvious gaps in product quality grade, R&D capability, and domestic and foreign competitiveness. Lock companies should continuously enhance their independent innovation capabilities, and build manufacturing capabilities, marketing capabilities and brand influence.



According to incomplete statistics, China's lock industry has formed an annual output value of 60 billion yuan, which is benefited from industrial transformation and upgrading, modern high-tech applications, brand management and market demand growth. High-tech transformation of traditional industries has achieved remarkable results in the lock industry. China's locks industry has formed a combination of machinery, electronics and biotechnology.


At present, the product has developed from padlock to more than 8000 varieties and specifications of more than 100 series of 20 categories, and expanded to the direction of mechatronics, intellectualization and combination of functionality and decoration, basically forming a high, medium and low-grade product system.


With the rapid development of the housing industry, the types of lock products have increased in recent years, and technologically advanced in recent years. For example, office furniture locks such as cabinet locks are constantly innovating and changing with the development of upstream products; the application of electronic technology makes lock products no longer limited to mechanical structures, but is developing in the direction of electronic and intelligent. The scope of use is rapidly developing from the original family lock to the public intelligent management.


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