RFID electronic locks make the office cabinets more safer

- Jun 02, 2020-

Office lockers play an important part in our work, so many people will choose to add a security line to their office cabinets-office cabinet locks, especially some cabinets that need to store important documents and files.With the advancement of science and technology, the emergence of RFID induction locks has effectively solved the problem of in sufficient security of traditional office cabinet locks, and provided security for office cabinets for the majority of office workers.

Compared with traditional mechanical locks, a significant advantage of RFID electronic locks is the use of electromagnetic induction technology to open the locks. Users only need to close the magnetic card to the electric induction locks to open the locks, which is not only convenient and easy , and can also bring us high-tech enjoyment.


In addition, electronic induction locks have made a qualitative leap in protecting user privacy and item security. Because it is difficult for unauthorized users to open the office cabinet, so it can effectively protect the safety of our documents and items. Moreover, if the magnetic card is accidentally lost, we only need to modify the instructions through the central computer, which is very convenient to use.


MK732 is an RFID electronic lock. This lock adopts zinc alloy metal housing, silk screen PC panel, side grip design and equipped with a emergency lock core. Whether it is in product performance, or structure, security is very high.


MK732 is equipped with a 3-level management system, and the lock body has an automatic lock function. MK732 can freely switch between private use and public use mode, with strong flexibility.

In addition, MK732 also has an invisible lock hole, which can be used for emergency unlocking with a master key, and it is very convenient to replace the lock core. MAKE RFID induction smart lock series products are sensitive to electromagnetic induction and adapt to various harsh climates such as high /low temperature and humidity, and have a long service life. Besides the office cabinets, they can also be used in schools, hospitals, airports , factories, swimming pools and other scenes, a wide range of applications.