RFID lock, how to make the office cabinet more intelligent

- Sep 01, 2020-

Office cabinet has always been an indispensable part of the daily office work of enterprises. For an ordinary office cabinet, the use of RFID lock can be said to inject new soul into it. Compared with traditional mechanical locks, RFID locks have obvious advantages in the application and management of office cabinets.

No key required, smart and convenient

The biggest advantage of the RFID lock is that there is no need for a key. The user only needs to place the magnetic card close to the sensor of the RFID lock to open the lock. This unlocking method not only facilitates the opening of the office cabinet, but also solves the problem of easy loss of keys, providing office workers more convenience.


Strong flexibility and easy management

While it is convenient for office workers, the RFID lock also provides convenience for office cabinet managers. Office cabinet managers need to manage dozens or even hundreds of keys, and at the same time distinguish each key; when the company's personnel flow frequently, the recovery and distribution of keys is also a cumbersome jobs. After using the RFID lock, the manager only needs to add or delete the user information label when managing the office cabinet, which is very convenient to replace and greatly improves the management efficiency. 

Special card, high security

In addition, each RFID lock has a unique RFID tag for unlocking/locking the cabinet, which is dedicated to the card for high security. With such a privacy assistant, important documents, seals, valuables and other items in the office cabinet have a more reassuring home.

As smart electronic locks are more and more widely used in office life, RFID locks have become a necessary treasure box, and bring workers more convenience!