Smart locks in the future market development prospects

- Oct 10, 2019-

With the advancement of the times and the development of technology, people's demand for locks has also begun to change from the traditional metal locks to smart electronic locks. It is believed that with the increasing demand, there are many opportunities in the lock industry.


1.       Huge market capacity

With the rapid development of China's real estate, automobile and other pillar industries and the acceleration of urbanization, the lock industry has shown rapid development. Nowadays, the lock industry has formed a development pattern of small products - - large markets - - large industries - - high quality.

2.       Bipolarization of Lock Marketing Channels

At present, the traditional wholesale is the main marketing channel of locks, which is long and inefficient. Market competition will inevitably lead to changes in marketing channels: On the one hand, manufacturers set up brand stores, self-built marketing channels, and form a brand image. On the other hand, the chain of hardware locks has risen.

3.       Variety and structure diversification of locks

Lock products have changed from single mechanical lock to multi-field, multi-color, multi-function and multi-variety. There are more than 8,000 varieties in more than 100 series and over 20 categories in the whole industry; the product structure has also developed from traditional mechanical products to electronic locks, magnetic locks, IC locks, fingerprint locks, digital locks, and pays attention to the combination of product functionality and decoration.

4.       Lock Enterprises Implement Brand Strategy

Lock industry brand development awareness is enhanced, and through various forms to increase brand publicity. The brand image of manufacturer and channel has more and more influence on consumers'purchasing behavior. The market competition of locks will inevitably change from price war to brand war.


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