Some secrets can't be brought home-the introduction of make laser key lock

- Jul 11, 2019-

Since the third grade, we start to write diaries as teachers asked. Ten years pass away, dozens of diaries have been written. The diary is filled with my joy and sadness in my childhood. Now, those diaries have become my treasure.


When I was a child, I prefer to buy notebook with a lock. It seemed that once it was locked, my little secret was locked up. No one could peep at it. But you can break the lock easily, so what I feared most at that time was that the little book was found by my mothe and my secret was exposed.

With the development of the economy, the school's supporting facilities are getting better. Classrooms are usually equipped with lockers to store personal belongings for students. In my opinion, the one that should be put in the first is the notebook with the secret.


Laser key system lock are installed in lockers in some schools, because they have a high cost-effective. MK110-7J is made of zinc alloy, brass and hardened steel, bright chrome finished. It is easy to replace the cylinder by removable key and the master key can open the lock for emergency.


If you want more detailed information about the MK110-7J, please call the hotline 86-592 6363716 or leave us a message on the official website. Looking forward to becoming your security partner in China.