Supermarket security partner-locker lock

- Aug 02, 2019-

With the development of the society, mall is everywhere and the young people prefer to go to the mall shopping. when you are about to step into the supermarket, the attendant will kindly remind you to deposit the things on your hands. In the supermarket, lockers are very important becasue they guarantee the safety of personal belongings, increasing the convenience of shopping, and guarantee the safety of the goods in the supermarket.


Most of the lockers outside the supermarket are password-based. The password is entered before the deposit to open the cabinet door that you can put the goods in, and then close the cabinet door to lock it. Taking things out use the same principle. So far, MAKE has produced dozens of locker lock. Let us take a look one of it.


MK725 is an electronic combination lock made from ABS material. This lock is quick and easy to install & operate.When you forget your password, you can use the admin password to open the lock and reset the password, without having to worry about forgetting your password and causing the item to be unfetched. There are two LED light to show the lock status, including red and green colors. Besides, This lock has a low voltage alarm. According to ergonomics, MAKE engineers set a handle on the outside of the lock to open or close the door. This kind of locker lock meets IP54 rating, and can switch between private use and public use mode freely, which can effectively prevent snooping or stealing passwords. If you want more detailed information about the MK725, please call 86-592 6363716 or leave a message on our website.