Swimming pool locker lock selection guide

- Jul 29, 2020-

Recently, when it comes to the weather in Xiamen, many people just feel so hot!!!! The high temperature for many days broke the previous historical record. With the hot weather, swimming in the swimming pool has become a good way for everyone to cool off and exercise.


The reason why the lockers of swimming pool can provide convenience and ensure the safety of property is inseparable from the safety protection provided by the locker lock. with a large number and various locker locks, many people tend to hesitate and do not know how to buy them. So how to choose a locker lock for a swimming pool?

High security

The locker lock is not only one of the accessories of the locker, but also an important part to provide us with safety protection. Therefore, when choosing a locker lock, everyone hopes that the locks equipped with the locker you purchase are highly secure. On the one hand, the locker lock must be able to resist deliberate prying, drilling and other violent damage; on the other hand, it must be able to prevent technology opening. The mechanical locks used in the lockers in the past are easier to be opened by technology, which is likely to cause great security risks. Therefore, when buying locker locks, try to choose smart electronic locks. This type of lock has high security and can effectively solve the problem of technical opening.


full functioning

With the widespread popularity of intelligent electronic locks, one of the major application is the swimming pool locker. The intelligent electronic lock brings us the intelligent and convenient unlocking experience. In general, the card swiping induction unlocking is used, and the mechanical key can be used in emergency. At the same time, some intelligent electronic locks also have multiple management system, different personnel use different keys to unlock, improve the efficiency of lockers management.

Strong adaptability

As we all know, the environment of swimming pools is generally humid. It is very common that the locker lock cannot be opened due to the rusty lock of the locker. This also affects the personal experience of customers. Therefore, when purchasing locks for swimming pool lockers, try to choose locks that are waterproof and moisture-proof. Some of MAKE's smart locker lock housings are made of ABS, which is not only waterproof and moisture-proof, but also has a good hand feel and is durable. It is very suitable for swimming pools.


This summer, choose a good locker lock to give customers a safer experience, but also a cool summer world.