System software design of electronic lock

- Oct 08, 2018-

The intelligent password lock software uses the 51 series MCU assembly language to separately program the intelligent monitor and the electronic lock. The intelligent monitor software includes keyboard scanning and LCD display programs, buzzer drivers, clock modification and reading programs, data communication and pre-processing programs, intelligent analysis programs and line monitoring programs. The electronic lock software includes modules such as a keyboard scanning and decoding program, an LCD display program, a communication program, an electromagnetic actuator drive and detection program, and a sensor interface program. The modular design method is used in the software design process to facilitate reading, debugging and improvement of the program.

The intelligent password lock fully utilizes the software and hardware resources of the 51 system microcontroller, and introduces intelligent analysis functions to improve the reliability and security of the system. It is welcomed by users by installing it in a certain type of safe. In addition, the smart password lock can be modified in software and hardware to form an intelligent distributed monitoring network, achieving centralized monitoring and management within a certain range, and is widely used in finance, insurance, military and other security fields. Application prospects.