The basic principle of dial-type password lock

- Oct 08, 2018-

Dial type

This is a large-key, high-reliability, all-mechanical code lock without electronics. It operates in a unique way, similar to the dialing of an old telephone - starting from the beginning of the dial, turning the dial clockwise to a digit, then backing to the starting point, a password is entered. Repeat this until the last password is entered, and then turn the dial counterclockwise from the starting point to unlock. At the same time as unlocking, the internal has been reset, so after the dial is returned to the starting point, the password must be re-entered to unlock, and there is no need to consider the internal reset problem. If you enter the wrong password, turn the dial counterclockwise (virtual unlock) to reset internally and then re-enter the password.

In this kind of password lock, the six-digit password can have more than 2.98 million sets of passwords for the owner to change at will, and the confidentiality is extremely high. The optional cipher suites are arranged in series, which is convenient for selecting passwords that are easy to remember. The basic products that have been developed, the number of passwords and the amount of passwords can also be redesigned according to the needs of users. It is also possible to add an alarm interface to the user.

The advantages of this password lock:

1, no key, no power, no battery, no waste.

2, full mechanical structure, can withstand the harsh external environment, a wide range of uses.

3, the operation is simple, the unlocking time is relatively short, and the average unlocking time is about 15 seconds.

4, the actual amount of password is large, the security performance is high, and the probability of trial unlocking is almost zero.

5, the structure is simple, strong and reliable.

From the historical law of technological development, in the case of similar functions, simple and reliable things always replace complicated things, and it is exactly what is simple and complicated. Therefore, it is a popular and practical new product, which should replace the traditional disc type mechanical code lock and some electronic code locks.

The dial-type full mechanical code lock is widely used in safes, safes, filing cabinets, anti-magnetic fireproof cabinets, security doors, silver door, warehouse doors, doors, civil doors and mechanical jamming mechanisms. It can replace the existing traditional disc type mechanical code lock and some electronic code locks. Provide an opportunity for the update of certain products.