The electronic lock is made in China, or it is imported.

- Oct 08, 2018-

Buying a domestic electronic lock or a foreign brand electronic lock?

For the purchase of domestic electronic locks or foreign brands electronic locks, it is not that people's subconscious Chinese brands will be better than domestic ones, but domestic brands understand China's special national conditions (multi-doors, security doors, door belts, etc.), based on the lock industry. There are clear industry standards, so there is no difference in quality between formal domestic brands and foreign brands.

Buy electric lock, electromagnetic lock, or electric lock?

What kind of lock you have to match depends on what you are. Double-open (can be opened inside or outside) glass door is best to use electric plug lock, the company's internal single open (only open or only open) wooden door is best to use magnetic lock, magnetic lock has called electromagnetic lock. The magnetic lock body is installed on the upper part of the door frame. Some people don't think it is not hidden installation. It is not beautiful. In fact, it is used in foreign countries. The use of foreign magnetic locks requires redundant electric locks. The stability of magnetic locks is also higher than electricity. Plug lock, but the safety of the electric lock is high. The electric lock is installed on the door side and the mechanical lock such as the ball lock. The safety is much lower, and the wiring is inconvenient, but the price is cheaper. It is not recommended. It is best to buy magnetic locks and electric locks for the community. The electric locks are relatively loud. The general building intercom is equipped with electronic locks. There is a kind of silent electric lock, which can be considered. However, no matter what lock you use, you should pay attention to rain protection. The locks are made of iron and are easy to rust. This should be noted. There are many other electric locks that are not popular. It is not recommended because the production scale is limited, the application cases are too few, the products are not mature, and it is best to use them less. For example, there is a power-off lock on the market. This kind of lock can meet the requirements of the door that the door is still closed after the customer loses power, but it does not meet the fire-fighting requirements. It may not pass the acceptance, and the thickness of the door frame is required. There will be unexpected troubles. So it is still better to recommend to customers.