The Improved RFID Lock of MAKE

- Aug 20, 2020-

With the development of science and technology, more and more electronic locks appear on the market, of which RFID locks are one of the most widely used type.

Although widely used, RFID locks are not perfect. Due to its limitations, most RFID locks are not suitable for use in harsh environments such as cold, high temperature, and humidity. In addition, RFID locks often face the problem that the locker cannot be opened due to insufficient or no power. In response to the most common problems mentioned above, MAKE has improved the RFID lock to meet the needs of users to the greatest extent.

The intelligent electronic RFID lock MK720 produced by MAKE is made of ABS material, and it is easy to install and operate. The MK720 is equipped with a bracelet key. There are 3 levels of bracelet keys that can be unlocked by induction.


At the same time, the special material and technical design of MK720 allow it to be used well in the harsh environment of cold, high temperature, humidity and dust. It can be applied to all kinds of metal, wood and plastic door panels. Ideal application for schools, hospitals, offices, swimming pools, etc. In addition, the MK720 is also equipped with a special emergency power supply, which can quickly charge when the lock is low or no power.

After more than ten years of hard work, MAKE has successively launched a variety of smart lock products, which have been widely praised by customers. If any question, please feel free to contact us.