The lock market has great potential

- Sep 05, 2019-

Due to the development of pillar industries such as residential, automobile, and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for locks is increasing, which greatly drives the consumer demand in the lock market, and also promotes the rapid development of the lock industry.


However, lock industry in China, whether in terms of financial or technical strength, the provinces and cities do not pay enough attention to keep it up with the development of the times. There are the following reasons:


(1)     The increase in the cost of raw materials.

As the cost of steel increases, the cost of many downstream industries increases, and the lock market is no exception. The increase in raw material costs has constrained the development of some enterprises, the profit margin of enterprises has become smaller, and the competition of enterprises has increased. These also seriously affect the establishment of enterprise brand.


(2)     The lack of brand awareness.

Lock enterprises in China are small in scale and few leading enterprises, which can not propel the development of lock industry. They lack brand awareness and pay little attention to the establishment of brand.


With the sharp development of the lock industry, the market demand has gradually increased, and China has become a major manufacturing and consumer of locks at home and abroad. In recent years, the economy of developed provinces and cities such as Europe, America, Germany and Japan has recovered. China's economy has been developing at a sustained and high speed. Its export competitiveness has been enhanced, and its foreign trade exports have doubled. With the increasing market demand for various types of locks and the continuous development of more good enterprises, the locks industry has entered the road of branding.


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