The secret weapon of light travel——MAKE locker lock

- Nov 22, 2019-

When traveling or on the way home,people are more and more like to travel lightly, the locker naturally becomes one of the tools commonly used to reduce people's burdens on the road. Nowadays, as lockers have become more and more widely used in our lives, locker locks is playing an important role in storage and security of personal items, and their safety issues are valued by everyone.


At present, the locks used in the locker are mainly the following: the first one is the traditional mechanical lock, which is the lock that is most used by the locker, such as the cam lock, the push lock, etc. The second is smart locks, including electronic lock, fingerprint lock, RFID locker lock, which are generally common in some high-end places. The third is mechanical code lock, the more common is the 4 digit combination lock. In short,different locks correspond to different unlocking techniques, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Smart lock series: this series includes metal keypad lock, metal RFID lock, RFID cam lock, fingerprint lock, electronic code lock, etc. Their appearance is very fashionable, users can unlock by inputting fingerprint or code,and the operation is simple and clear, convenient. But the disadvantage is that the price is generally higher, and the safety is not widely recognized by the market.

Combination lock series: the combination lock has a simple appearance. It is made of zinc alloy, ABS plastic, copper, carbon steel and other materials. It has high safety and can be unlocked without a key. When the user forgets the password, the password can also be unlocked and retrieved by the management key, but the operation is inconvenient and modifying the code is required to be professional.


Key lock series: key locks are a kind of traditional locks used in lockers, including cam lock, push lock. The key lock uses high-quality materials such as zinc alloy, hardened steel, brass and other high-quality materials with relatively low price. It is not only easy to operate, but also does not need power. At the same time , it can be adapted to various places, but the disadvantage is that the key is easily lost or copy.

Coin operated lock series: the working principle of coin operated locks is different from other locks. The main unlock method is coin-based, and the coin-locking function can be realized by putting coins. MAKE’s coin  operated locks can also be customized for different coins.

There are various types of locker locks with different functions. In the future, with the increasing demand of the public, the locker lock will become an indispensable tool in protecting personal property and goods. MAKE reminds everyone that although the security of the locker lock is very high, it cannot be taken lightly. When using the locker, be sure to close the locker door to prevent the item from being stolen, and do not give the thief any chance to take it.