What are electrical cam locks?

- Jul 12, 2019-

What are electrical cam locks?


Turning tongue lock can be divided into the following categories: plum marble lock, leaf turning tongue lock, triangular turning tongue lock, etc.

(1) Plum blossom turn tongue lock. Plum blossom turning tongue lock controls the turning of the door lock through its internal structure, which is compact in shape. Its maximum size contains seven copper marbles, which can achieve tens of thousands of keys with high security. It is a lock widely used in industry and commerce.

(2) blade tongue lock. The blade turning tongue lock is used to control the internal lock rotation through metal blades. The structure of the lock is simple and easy to process. It is widely used in mailbox locks, file cabinets, and other commercial cabinets.

(3) Triangular tongue lock. The core of triangular tongue lock is solid triangle. Its material is mainly zinc alloy. Stainless steel is used in special occasions. Because the keys are shared, they are widely used in industrial cabinet equipment.