What are the advantages of electronic locks

- Oct 08, 2018-

1. Electronic code lock is an electronic product that controls the circuit or chip operation (access control system) through password input, thereby controlling the closing of the mechanical switch and completing the task of unlocking and locking. It has many types, simple circuit products, and chip-based products with high cost performance. Nowadays, the widely used electronic password lock is realized by programming with the chip as the core.

2. The electronic lock is in the field of security technology prevention. The electronic password lock with anti-theft alarm function replaces the traditional mechanical password lock, which overcomes the shortcomings of mechanical password lock password and poor security performance, so that the password lock is technically Greatly improved in performance. The electronic lock uses the corresponding hardware circuit to complete the function of setting, storing, identifying and displaying the password, driving the electromagnetic actuator and detecting the driving current value, receiving the signal sent by the sensor, and transmitting the data.

3, button type: use the keyboard (or combination button) to enter the unlock password, easy to operate. Internal control circuits often use an electronic lock ASIC. The password preset is changed by changing the keyboard (or combination button) to the internal control circuit. Usually the computer memory password can reach more than 10,000 groups, and the number can be changed and combined at will. An alarm can also be set. Such locks are mostly used by security doors and anti-theft safes.

4, dial type: use the mechanical dial switch to enter the unlock password. Many push-button electronic locks can be converted into dial-type electronic locks. If the number is dialed incorrectly, the alarm circuit will automatically turn on and signal. However, this kind of lock is not as fast as the button type when it is opened.

5, electronic key type: use the electronic key to input (or as) unlock password. The electronic key is an important part of the control circuit. The electronic key can be composed of a component or a unit circuit composed of components, and is formed into a small handheld unit. The connection between the electronic key and the main control circuit can be various forms such as sound, light, and electromagnetic.

6. Touch type: input the unlock password by touch method, and the operation is simple. Compared with the push button switch, the touch switch has a long service life and low cost, so the electronic lock control circuit is optimized. The password is entered by using the bimetal touch point, which is concealed and has strong confidentiality. There is a pseudo key lock 5S function that can drive the alarm. Adopting CMDS circuit, the micro power consumption is strong.