What are the benefits of using Induction electronic locks in lockers?

- May 22, 2020-

With the continuous advancement of smart technology, smart electronic locks have been widely used in our daily lives. At present, the types and functions of smart electronic locks on the market are diverse, and safety is widely recognized. Inductive electronic locks are one of them. So what are the benefits of using Induction electronic locks in lockers?


Induction electronic lock adopts RFID technology to inductively unlock. Users can achieve second opening by using magnetic card / bracelet / pass and other induction, which brings high-tech and intelligent experience to everyone. This unlocking method abandons the mechanical key unlocking method, and solves the problem that the key is easy to be lost.

The card of the induction electronic lock is more difficult to copy than the traditional key, and it is difficult for unauthorized users to open the locker without authorization, so you can rest assured when using it. Some induction electronic locks also have an automatic lock function. When the user does not perform the next operation  within 3 seconds of unlocking, the lock will be automatically locked. It can effectively prevent the theft of items caused by forgetting to close the cabinet door.


The "memory ability" of the induction electronic lock should not be underestimated. When you use the induction electronic lock to open the locker, the magnetic card will automatically record your information in the system. For example, when someone uses an RFID card to open a locker, the smart magnetic card system records the user name, time and date, and duration of use. This function greatly facilitates the data query and tracking of the usage of lockers in the future.

In some applications that require a large number of people to enter (for example, gym members, employee lockers), the induction electronic lock only needs to add a user information label, which is convenient to replace, saving costs and time. When someone no longer uses the locker, the administrator can deactivate the information label of the original user and add the information label to the new user.


Xiamen MAKE Security has been focusing on the lock industry for more than ten years and has rich product development experience and market experience. MAKE induction electronic locks can also be used in gym / swimming pool lockers, storage cabinets, office file cabinets, express cabinets, etc. When the card is accidentally demagnetized or damaged, the emergency key can be used to unlock, and the emergency lock core can also be replaced.