What are the characteristics of the electronic password lock?

- Feb 21, 2019-

Silver Metal Electronic Keypad Lock.jpgThe electronic code lock is an electronic product that controls the circuit or the chip by password input, thereby controlling the closing of the mechanical switch and completing the unlocking and locking tasks. It has many types, simple circuit products, and chip-based products with high cost performance. The widely used electronic code lock is implemented by programming with the chip as the core.

The features of the electronic password lock are:

1. The confidentiality is good and the amount of coding is much larger than the bullet lock. The random unlocking success rate is almost zero.

2. The password is variable. Users can change their passwords frequently to prevent their passwords from being stolen, and they can also prevent the lock level from falling due to personnel turnover.

3. Error input protection. When the password is entered multiple times, the alarm system starts automatically.

4. The electronic password lock operation is simple and easy to do.

5. Interference code function You can enter any code before entering the correct password.